Windmill Service and Installation

Covenant Water & Well Service was built on windmill service. We service all windmills, though we prefer Aermotor and their clones. We are your complete wind mill and pump jack service company. From simple leather jobs to complete rebuilds and new installations. We install Windmill 702 mills unless the customer requests another brand. We have found between cost, reliability, and warranty that this is the most cost effective brand. 

The design is similar to the Aermotor, but designed to be easier to install and work on. We install the type of rod that you, the customer, wants. We use Fiberglass rods down hole with an ash wood rod for adjustment. We have found that the fiberglass rod holds up in hole better than wood. Some mills we use neoprene cups for check seals, but more often we use graphite coated leathers. We have access to most parts for many antique mills also. Dempster, Baker Monitor, etc.


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