Covenant Water & Well Services

Solar Pumping Installation and Service

We do complete turn key installation and repair of solar pumping systems. We also convert both electric submersible and windmill wells to solar pumping stations. Though we recommend Grundfos solar pumps, we install any brand that you, the customer, request. We have experience with brands such as Grundfos, Lorentz, Robinson, and Bison pumps, as well as customer supplied hardware store pumps. The Grundfos pump is available with a 5-year warranty. We have installed systems that produce anywhere from 2 to 30 gallons per minute, depending on needs and strength of the well. With computer designed systems telling you what production will be year-round. We have also completed many USDA approved funds assistance program systems. Contact us for information on programs to help fund your next solar well.

Water Storage Tanks

For some systems or demands a water storage system is necessary for intended use of the well. Water storage must be done in ways that protect the water from both contamination and bacteria growth. We can help you with the design and install your system, whether for on grid or off grid usage. This type can be a gravity or pressure system. Above and below ground safe water storage
We design and install water collection and storage systems for all your needs. Whether it is for a weak well or an off the grid system, we can meet your needs.

Windmill Service and Installation

At Covenant Water & Well Service, we have extensive experience in windmill diagnostics and service. We use Windmill 702 motors, unless the customer requests something different. We have experience with Aermotor (and clones), Dempster, and Baker / Monitor brands. We are capable of not only installing a new motor or tower to pump your water needs, but also repair and do service calls from oil checks to complete rebuilds of your broken and thrashed mill motors. We used both graphite infused leathers and neoprene cups (for slightly silty wells) for your repairs and lead free brass working barrels. We also install "Mud-suck" working barrels for water production. We install both metal and plastic pipe in our mills depending on depth and water type, and install sand filters on windmills to extend the life of equipment and quality of water.

Electric Submersible Service and Installation

For your water production, in environments with electricity available, we install and service electric submersible well pumps produced by the industry’s best and most reliable manufacturers. We also install above ground mounted boost pumps, and can design and install your system for all your water needs, both domestic and agriculture. Having designed systems for wells making 2 gallons a minute up to wells producing over 500 gallons a minute, we are capable of designing and installing a system to provide for the needs of your home or business.

Water Well Cleaning / Rehabilitation

We do two types of this. One type removes solid particles from the well that have a built up causing fill, like sand and rust particles, or to regain lost flow. The other type treats wells with natural and preventable pollution to the well or water table.

Well Testing

We do two main types of testing on water wells. The first is for production amount and solids. To ascertain how much water your well replenishes and if it pumps sand or small rust particles. And the second is a purity test for safety and health reasons.

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