About Us

Covenant Water & Well Service came to be in late 2009. After working under my mentor and teacher for almost 6 years, God closed that door and opened the door to my own well service business. Covenant Water & Well Service has built a reputation for dependable and quality service. Using the knowledge shared with us and learned over time, we design and install systems, as well as service existing systems. We can arrange for complete turn key systems from drilling to ready to tie into your house, or into your stock / service tank. Covenant Water & Well Service oversees and repairs windmills. From basic upkeep to complete rebuilds and replacements. Covenant Water & Well Service is a certified Texas State Licensed Pump Installer. I have completed both Grundfos and Lorentz solar installation education as well as many 

 Texas State continuing education trainings, in order to stay up to date with new innovations and products.     Covenant Water & Well Service uses specialized engineering programs to design solar well pumping systems in order to get the best product for the end user. Covenant Water & Well Service prefers to use the pumps with the best and longest warranty for the system parameters. Though we prefer to use Grundfos or Lorentz solar (AC/DC) pumps, we have and do install the pump that you the customer wants. Having installed more than 4 types of solar pumps, and many different solar panels, we have found these to be the best pumps for the least money. For your electric submersible needs we prefer to use Grundfos, Pentex and Goulds pumps. From well to well house and pump to production Covenant Water & Well Service will take care of your needs.

Regulated By The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
License #58521LP
P.O. Box 12157
Austin, Texas 78711
Call : 1-800-803-9202 / 512-463-7880